The North – 68


Guest-edited by Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quia

Published November 2022. 

Cover Artwork: ‘A Cup of Tea’ by Stephanie Sy-Quia (StephanieQuiArt on Etsy | @c_est_qui77 on Insta)

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What Writers and Critics Think

  • Excellent

    Carol Ann Duffy (the Guardian)
  • Apart from the general excellence of the enterprise, it's always impressive to see how broad your church is, how impeccable you are in your taste and how fair in your judgement. Rare qualities.

    Stephen Stuart-Smith, Director of Enitharmon


The North is a biannual magazine of poems, articles, reviews and features.

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from the Editorial 

“… You will notice we have skewed the normal ‘Poets I Go Back To’ feature. Forgive us, we’re only passing through! For this issue, we have opted for ‘Art I Go Back To’, and we feature four people who aren’t all poets. We find that influence is often spoken of too narrowly: we want to hear the cartoonists you find inspiring, the painters and graphic novelists, the musicians or comedians. What gives you that sense of aesthetic play, that sets your imagination roving? For us, this invites more generous ways of thinking about influence and tradition. We hear from Romalyn Ante, and what manga taught her about narrative, or Matthew Haigh on the pleasure and potential of “aimless” pastimes, video games, and how the immersive properties of music can tell us about what we should aim for in our poems. Our ‘Hidden Collaborations’ piece is a riff off the usual ‘Blind Criticism’, wherein partners Sean Borodale and sculptor Kathryn Maguire both responded to air pollution in their respective ways. Again, this is a way for us to move beyond ideas of the lone genius acting in the confines of their medium: our practices are porous, magpieish, greedy, contingent on our friends and lovers, those we care for and those, both here and gone, met and unmet, read and unread, who have cared for us …”  – Guest-editors Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quia


Vidyan Ravinthiran • Galia Admoni • Sarah Hemings • Mark Ward • Amy Rafferty • Adam Tavel • Ben Verinder • Ian Duhig • Lorraine McArdle • Rory Waterman • Oakley Flanagan • Wendy Allen • Tom Bailey • Lauro Palomba • Kit Ingram • Tim MacGabhann • Thea Ayres • Betty Doyle • Chris Beckett • Jim Johnstone • William Doreski • Erin Wilson • Rachel Chanter • Robert Maslen • Catherine Faulds • Robert Hamberger • Paula Bohince • Wesley Finch • Holly Curley • Sam Szanto • D A Prince • Robin Neal • Jessica Mookherjee • Lindsey Robinson • Rachel Spence • Patrick Wright • Teresa Forrest • Khairani Barokka • John Lynch • Erica Hesketh • Éadaoín Lynch • Jaydn DeWald • Pauline Rowe • Maggie Wang • Martin Bennett • Yanita Georgieva • Kostya Tsolakis • Shash Trevett • Bernadette Gallagher • Hilary Menos • Sighle Meehan • David Romanda • Matt Broomfield • Jenny Hockey • Len Lukowski • Rosa Caines • Zarah Alam • Jenny Booth • Colin Bancroft • Massimo Fantuzzi • Jane Hemmings • Karen Downs-Barton • Buffy Aakaash • Jill Abram • David Hale • Diana Cant • George Ayres • Lucy Allsopp • Mischelle Anthony • Carole Bromley • Caitlin Young • Ben Wilkinson- Turnbull • Ellora Sutton • Mark Fiddes • Neetha Kunaratnam • Charlie Baylis • Malika Booker • Poppy Turner • Daniel Fuller • Gita Ralleigh • Mary Matusz • James McDermott • Holly Moberley • Ellen Slatkin • Linda McKenna Serge♆ Neptune • Ellen McNally • James Appleby • Pratyusha • Sam J Grudgings • Ralph Mold • Louise Mather • Ryan Schulte • Karishma Sangtani • Adam Heardman • Tess Jolly • Kitty Martin • Oz Hardwick • Rosie Jackson • Christopher Horton • Christine Knight • Indie Laras Bacas • Rachel Cleverly • Aaron Kent • Pascal Fallas • Charlotte Gann • Roma Havers • Peter Scalpello • Dale Booton • Reece Lyons • Janet Sutherland • Jo Dixon • Nicholas Hogg • Em Strang • Kali Richmond • Christina Thatcher • Liz Lefroy • Penelope Shuttle • Daniel McVey • Celestine Stilwell • Joel Scarfe • Alicia Stubbersfield • André Naffis-Sahely • Sophia Hembeck • Caroline Druitt • Katharine  • Sarah Tait • Wes Lee • Barbara Marsh • Jill Osier • Chloe Elliott • Andrew Hodgson • Matt Quinn • Livvy Hanks • Sean Borodale • Jake Morris-Campbell • Irene Rawnsley • Lotte Kramer • Moniza Alvi • Simon Armitage • Gerard Benson • Judy Brown • Matthew Clegg • Gillian Clarke • Hannah Hodgson • Safia Khan • Charlotte Shevchenko Knight • Karl Knights • Amanda Dalton • Tristram Fane Saunders • Vona Groarke • John McAuliffe 


Oluwaseun Olayiwola, Romalyn Ante and Matthew Haigh on Art I Go Back To • Hidden Collaborations by Sean Borodale and Kathryn Maguire • Alicia Stubbersfield on the poetry of Irene Rawnsley • Suzanne Conway Close Reading Jennifer Copley • Featured Title by Jake Morris-Campbell  


S Niroshini on Joelle Taylor, Hannah Copley and Claire Askew • Leah Jun Oh  on Degna Stone, Jamie Hale, Naomi Morris, Chaucer Cameron and Tanatsei Gambura • Nasser Hussain on Will Alexander • Edmund Prestwich on Maurice Riordan, Threa Almontaser and Tua Forsström • Ian Pople on Vona Groarke and John McAuliffe • Callan Waldron-Hall  on Peter Scalpello, Andrés N Ordorica and Ocean Vuong 

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