The North – 13


“And the traveller hopes: ‘Let me be far from any/Physician’; and the ports have names for the sea;/The citiless, the corroding, the sorrow;/And t’North means to all: ‘Reject!’” — W H Auden, Journey to Iceland


Poems by:  Linda Chase, Christina Corser, Tim Cumming, Sylvia Dann, Peter Finch, Mary Maher, Hubert Moore, Mark Roper, Sibyl Ruth, W H Petty, David Santer, Myra Schneider, Anthony Barnes, Jill Gardiner, Susan Kelly, Frances Nagle, Sue Norton, Isobel Thrilling, Mandy Sutter, Penny Sowerby, Michael McMIllan, Jonathan Davidson, Copland Smith, Joan Jobe Smith, Noel Snowdon, Mark Abraham, Michael Blackburn, Peter Daniels, Heather Hand, and Mark Robinson.

Blind Criticism (Liz Cashdan, Clare Chapman and Jonathan Davidson on ‘Between Two Lit Rooms’, Michael Laskey)


Artwork by:  Philip Reynolds, and Frances King

Photographs by James