The North – 09


“Dark and true and tender is the North” — Tennyson

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Poems by:  Jim Barton, Antonio Bellotti, Oliver Bernard, John Bosley, Jim Burns, Philip Crick, Michael Cunningham, Duncan Curry, Ann Dancy, Jonathon Davidson, Sue Dymoke, Nigel Ford, Elizabeth Hargreaves, Jeanette Hattersley, John Kennedy, Joel Lane, Peter Lane, Linda Macdonald, Ruth McIlroy, Stuart Mallinson, Milner Place, Peter Roberts, Myra Schneider, Steven Waling, Andrew Wilson, Richard Wonnacott, and Joyce Woodward.

Artwork by:  Lucy Beveridge,  Jo Haslam, and Philip Reynolds.

Articles by:  Anna Adams, Stanley Cook, John Killick, and David Morley.

Fiction by Kate Griffin.


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