The North – 69


Published October 2023. 

What Writers and Critics Think

  • Excellent

    Carol Ann Duffy (the Guardian)
  • Apart from the general excellence of the enterprise, it's always impressive to see how broad your church is, how impeccable you are in your taste and how fair in your judgement. Rare qualities.

    Stephen Stuart-Smith, Director of Enitharmon


From the Editorial

“..The previous issue was brilliantly guest- edited by Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quoia. It took the unheard-of approach of choosing one poem each by 100 poets. This latest is more conventionally unusual – having just as many strong and surprising poems, many singletons again, but also short sets, all of which amount we hope to a varied but coherent read. With, in among, those three-dimensional experiences that a poem can bring when it speaks genuinely to or through us. In any event, Ann and I very much enjoyed putting the issue together, not least because of the quality of so many of the submissions. Though it’s true that you can have too much of a good thing – there were over a thousand for us to read in two already particularly busy months…”

Jon McLeod – Peter Sirr – Gary Allen – Susan Bedford – Liz Byrne – Joe Caldwell – Kath McKay – Tom Weir – Yvonne Green – Peter Daniels – Rosie Garland – Robert Hamberger – Victoria Gatehouse – Alan Payne – Jo Peters – Maggie Reed – Karl Riordan – Penelope Shuttle – Mara Bergman – Rod Whitworth – Maria Ferguson – Paul Mills – Kate Rutter – John McAuliffe – Steph Morris – Ed Reiss – Shash Trevett – John Harvey – Paula Cunningham – Martin Reed – Anna Woodford & Tara Bergin – Helen Angell – Safia Khan – Marion New – Elizabeth Gibson – Serena Alagappan – Tom Branfoot – Beth Davies – Chloe Elliott – Karen Downs-Barton – Jon Miller – Zoë Walkington – Luke Samuel Yates – Aazhiyaal – Romesh Gunasekera – Wimal Dissanayake – Anne Ranasinghe  – Mahakavi – Richard de Zoysa – Cliff Yates

Gina Wilson (1943–2022), celebrated by Helena Nelson, Hamish Whyte, Diana Hendry and James Caruth
John Foggin (1943-2023) celebrated by David Constantine

Blind Criticism by Serena Alagappan and Em Pritchard – Poets I Go Back To by Karen Downs-Barton, Jon Miller, Zoë Walkington, and Luke Samuel Yates – Featured Title by Ed. Shash Trevett, Sensi Seneviratne and Vidyan Ravinthiran – Out of Sri Lanka

Roy Marshall on Tony Hoagland – Tom Branfoot on Lila Matsumoto, Jane Burn – Georgie Evans on Caroline Bird  – Ian McMillan on Imogen Forster, Ellen Renton, Helen Quah, Genevieve Carver – Ian Pople on Carola Luther, Stephen Payne, Ruth Sharman – Belinda Cooke on Marija Kneževic, Geovanni Pascoli, Eugenio Montale – Edmund Prestwich on Sean O’Brien, Philip Gross, Selima Hill – Pam Thompson on Peter Raynard, Clare Shaw, Olive Senior


The North is a biannual magazine of poems, articles, reviews and features.

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