It’s Not Personal


It’s Not Personal evokes a life, from childhood in the Fifties through the challenges and eccentricities of the workplace, to the unpredictability of family, love and death. These are poems concerned with truth; but just as importantly, with what it means to tell a story.

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What Writers and Critics Think

  • The craft of the poet keep[s] the reader on the edge of their seat.

    Rachel J. Fenton


The prevailing tone is one of cool detachment, often preceding a final punch-line which punctures pomposity or undermines the official version of some event … These are very accessible poems, well-crafted and shaped with deft choices of word and phraseLondon Grip on Hip Hind Hook

Timely, satirical and razor-sharp poems – Michael Symmons Roberts, on Kingdom, Power, Glory


Straightforward, precise, and subtly ironic language Carole Satyamurti, on Kingdom, Power, Glory



Nigel Pantling was a soldier in the Seventies, Private Secretary to the Home Secretary in the Eighties, and a merchant banker in the Nineties. His pamphlets Belfast Finds Log (Shoestring Press 2014) and Hip Hind Hook (Smith|Doorstop 2018) relate the danger and human frailty he saw during Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” and the Cold War, and his full collection Kingdom Power Glory (Smith|Doorstop 2016) lifts the lid on the absurdity and integrity of life in Whitehall and the City. Nigel is now a strategic adviser to company chief executives.

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