It’s Not Personal


Published 1st September 2020

Born in the post war years, Nigel Pantling’s family settled in a small market town where church, school, and black & white TV made everything feel predictable. So it was that he was completely unprepared for the strangeness of life in the Army, the Civil Service and the City, and for the unpredictability of love, life, and death. In It’s Not Personal nothing is ever quite as it seems, and the narrator of the story can’t always be trusted.

Cover Painting: Non Conformist © Lesley Oldaker (


The prevailing tone is one of cool detachment, often preceding a final punch-line which punctures pomposity or undermines the official version of some event … These are very accessible poems, well-crafted and shaped with deft choices of word and phraseLondon Grip on Hip Hind Hook

Timely, satirical and razor-sharp poems – Michael Symmons Roberts, on Kingdom, Power, Glory

Straightforward, precise, and subtly ironic language Carole Satyamurti, on Kingdom, Power, Glory


Nigel Pantling was a soldier in the Seventies, Private Secretary to the Home Secretary in the Eighties, and a merchant banker in the Nineties. His pamphlets Belfast Finds Log (Shoestring Press 2014) and Hip Hind Hook (Smith|Doorstop 2018) relate the danger and human frailty he saw during Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” and the Cold War, and his full collection Kingdom Power Glory (Smith|Doorstop 2016) lifts the lid on the absurdity and integrity of life in Whitehall and the City. Nigel is now a strategic adviser to company chief executives.

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