Nigel Pantling

Kingdom Power Glory is Nigel Pantling’s first full length poetry collection, and reflects his perspective on working life taken from three quite different careers.

In 1971, as a young Royal Artillery officer fresh from University, Nigel found himself leading soldiers on the troubled streets of Londonderry, and he returned to serve in Belfast twice over the next few years. He drew on this experience in Belfast Finds Log, published by Shoestring Press in 2014.

In his mid-twenties Nigel joined the Home Office, and over ten years worked on criminal policy and in the prisons department, and was twice private secretary to Home Office Ministers. He was private secretary to the Home Secretary during the period of the Miners’ Strike and the Brighton Bomb.

A lateral shift from the Civil Service into the City in his mid-thirties led Nigel to specialise in mergers and acquisitions at two investment banks, before starting up his own business in 1997 advising company chief executives, which is still his principal occupation.

Nigel lives in North London. He is a past chair of trustees of Arvon, and currently chairs Fight for Sight, the eye research charity, and Park Theatre in Finsbury Park.

Nigel’s most recent pamphlet Hip Hind Hook draws on his experience of soldiering in West Germany during the Cold War, revealing the human frailties and the idiosyncrasies of regimental life and and the strange unsettling tensions of the time, which find their echo in recent political events.

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