Elizabeth Gibson

Writing the Spaces Between: Writing Prompt Series

Our February Digital Poet-In-Residence, Elizabeth Gibson provides some resplendent writing prompts to encourage and inspire…

Hi, this is Elizabeth with some writing prompts! These are all photos that I have taken on my walks around Manchester, particularly in the liminal, post-industrial areas like canals and quarries. I hope you enjoy responding to the prompts, and exploring these places in words.

Here is the first prompt:

2. For the second prompt, have a look at these images and see what catches your imagination. You could think about nature versus humanmade, or how maybe the two are inseparable. There is also the idea of finding beauty and life in the mundane.

3. Let’s look at my third prompt. These photos speak to me about birds, access to the sky, and the constant change and construction in the city. There is the sense of temporality, and of being an outside observer.

4. For my final prompt, I wanted to share some spaces that feel magical to me, like time could stop there. I challenge you to imagine something fantastical happening, and to let go of logic. Anything is possible in your poem’s world!

I hope you have found this process helpful. Please consider sharing your poems, or ideas, on Twitter or Instagram, and do tag me in, so I can read them – I am @Grizonne Thanks for joining me on this poetry journey!

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