Elizabeth Gibson

Shadows and Sky: Elizabeth Gibson & Jasmine Gray in Collaboration

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, and I am really excited to be the Digital Poet-in-Residence for February.

I will be documenting and celebrating this month of change, as winter moves towards
spring. I will share writing and photos from my walks around Manchester, and challenge
you to respond! I am also keeping a February Diary, recording signs of spring and change as I
see them, such as the first bats over the river, and the first night under only one quilt.

Throughout this process, I will explore themes around mental health, body image, and how
we see and locate ourselves within our environment.

For my first post, I am really happy to be collaborating with January’s Poet-in-Residence,
Jasmine Gray. I have enjoyed reading Jasmine’s work on the seen and unseen, and how
women are perceived and treated, and I could see clear connections with my theme.

For this shared post, we sent each other a photograph we had taken on a walk, and then we
each responded in poetry to the other’s photo. I am proud of the resulting collage of
thoughts, questions and experiences, and I hope you enjoy exploring it.

Elizabeth’s Photo

Jasmine’s Poem

Jasmine’s Photo

Elizabeth’s Poem

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