The North – 60


The North 60 showcases 110 outstanding poems by 60 poets, including poems by our Book & Pamphlet Competition winners and our New Poets Prize winners.


Our Laureate’s Choice poets discuss Poets I Go Back To, and our featured title is Dragonish by Emma Simon (The Emma Press). More features include Grevel Lindop discussing Kim Addonizio, Ramona Herdman close reading David Borrott and blind criticism from Nigel Pantling & Martha Sprackland.

This long hot summer issue also includes reviews of dozens of books and pamphlets, including Michael Mackmin, Imtiaz Dharker, Steve Ely and Pablo Neruda.

Featured Poets…

Yvonne Reddick | Philip Fried | Alison Binney | Ian Dudley | D A Prince | John Longland | Ilse Pedler | Robin Houghton | Emma Simon | Kathy Miles | Marion New | Neil Douglas | Joanna Ingham | Becky Cherriman | Martin Edwards | Jean Stevens | Lauren Pope | Cliff Yates | Sally Flint | Adrian Newman | Stephanie Conybeare | David Harmer | Rebecca Farmer | Maggie Reed | Helen Harrison | John Lancaster | Fokkina McDonnell | James Taylor | Clare Proctor | Louisa Campbell | James Caruth | Joan Byrne | Linda Saunders | Charlotte Gann | Alan Payne | Emma Danes | Carole Bromley | Jonathan Edwards | Jay Whittaker | Rosie Garland | Regina Weinert | Pam Thompson | Scott McKendry | Nick Pearson | Terry Quinn | Sarah Mnatzaganian | Margaret Wilmot | Stuart Henson | Susan Wallace | Mike Barlow | Kathryn Simmonds | Rebecca Cullen | Ann Gray | Christopher North | Madeleine Wurzburger | Joe Carrick-Varty | Tristram Fane Saunders | Emma Jeremy | Warda Yassin | David Borrott

It’s a month later’ begins the poem which opened the previous issue of The North. And it is six months later, and that poem, ‘Outside Our House‘ by David Borrott, is the subject of the Close Reading this time (p86). It’s a rather marvellous poem, as we hope you agree, and made even more so by Ramona Herdman’s brilliant discussion…

… There’s a lot to say about issue 60 of the magazine, it’s variety of excellence not least, and it is traditional but heartfelt also to thank all the writers, with a particular hats-off to our perceptive and diligent reviewers and feature writers. But I’m heading now for a train to our New Poets celebration at some swish venue in London’s docklands so won’t list highlights from across sixty issues or even just from this milestone. (Not millstone, not really, predictive text notwithstanding.)”
— Extract from the editorial, The North 60