The North – 37


“Let in The North tonight”

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Poems by:  Chris Considine, Linda Chase, Kath McKay, Pam Thompson, Sue Vickerman, Christine Bousfield, Chris Beckett, Michael McCarthy, Jackie Wills, Roger Moulson, Michael Cunningham, Daisy Hirst, Susan Taylor, Catherine McLoughlin, Connie Bensley, Huw Watkins, Jonathan Simcock, Michael Henry, Janis Freegard, Vincent Parker, Brendan Cleary, Ian Gregson, Andrew Stibbs, Catherine Benson, Irene Rawnsley, Patricia Debney, and Andy Sanderson.


Paul Mills, ‘Action and Inertia: Ted Hughes and Roy Fisher’

Poets I Go Back To:  Jonathan Davidson and John Welch.

Blind Criticism: River Wolton, Anna Woodford and Hilary Menos — ‘The Swan’ by Rainer Maria Rilke



Harry Guest on Thomas McCarthy

Andy Sanderson on Peter Riley and Alan Halsey

Neil Curry on Jackie Kay, Sheenagh Pugh and Stanley Moss

Anthony Wilson on Tony Hoagland, Peter Sirr, John Mole and Campbell McGrath

Jonathan Timbers on Carl Dennis and A R Ammons

Kate North on Rhian Saadat, Contemporary Russian Women Poets and Frank O’Hara

Kate Keogan on Julia Casterton, Zoe Skoulding and Helen Clare

Mary Knight on ‘Cat Kist: The Redbeck Anthology of Contemporary Cats’