Takeaway unflinchingly observes a world where everyone is doing their best to survive, often through a lens of the mealtimes that bring us together and set us apart; whether that’s a takeaway eaten in a car park, chickpeas ‘speared like love-struck hearts’, or a multi-generational cooking lesson. Brimming with inventive and tactile imagery, these poems play with time, until it is suspended or flowing backwards through domestic interiors where stereos send secret messages and a poltergeist misses doing the washing up.

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What Writers and Critics Think

  • Takeaway is a vivid and powerful collection. Expansive but precise lines and stanzas give Woodhead the space to explore the lives and scenes they depict. So many of the images here are breathtaking and will really stay with me. ‘Harry Collins’ is such a vivid, poignant and angry character study and the title poem alone was enough to convince me that I was in the presence of a significant and urgent new voice. Uncompromising in its depiction of brutalities without ever sacrificing the humanity and compassion of the poet’s vision.

    Luke Kennard
  • ‘Georgie Woodhead is an exciting new voice - evocative, tactile and questioning.’



Georgie’s acknowledgements for Takeaway
I would like to thank the Hive community, especially Vicky Morris and Nik Perring, for their incredible support without which I would never have achieved this collection of poems. In particular I learned so much from the individual mentoring sessions from Vicky. I’d also like to thank Stevie Ronnie and the Writing Squad for their ongoing support. Thank you to all at the Poetry Business for bearing with me and producing such a fantastic looking collection, in particular Suzannah, who I may have made life a little more difficult for. Also thank you to the North magazine, the Northern Writers Cuckoo Award, Hive anthologies (Halfway Smile, Surfing the Twilight and Wild Poetry), the Poetry Village and Foyle Young Poets for publishing my work over the past few years.

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