Like Horses


These compelling poems start in a rural childhood spent with horses, and end somewhere in ‘the near future’ – a tentatively queer, urban existence in which ‘there is no more megabus’ and ‘hell is a large, dark kitchen’.

Like Horses is an assured and remarkable debut.

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What Writers and Critics Think

  • In clear-sighted, funny and warm-hearted poems, Jasmine Simms has a knack for conjuring a sense of collective voice … an acute observer of life’s joys, sorrows and ironies, her frank poems invite us to rally together in turbulent times.

    Helen Mort
  • In this timely coming of age collection, we read of the forces young people are subject to. Under pressure of gender, social media, sexual threat, religion and a changing Europe their identities break into particles and take new forms.

    Becky Cherriman
  • Jasmine Simms writes of school experiments, Harry Potter, unicorns and being queer in the time of Brexit. These are lucid, gorgeous poems from the brink of adulthood, capturing exactly both the wonder and fear - what it is to grow up and find this world ‘trembling like a newborn’.

    Clare Pollard


Formerly Vice Chancellor’s Scholar for the Arts at Durham University, Jasmine Simms holds an MA in Children’s Literature from Goldsmiths College, University of London. She was Writer in Residence (2019) at the University of Tübingen, Germany. She has won awards for her poetry including the New North Poets Prize (2014) and the Yorkshire New Poet Prize (2016). Jasmine is a postgraduate at the University of Sheffield and a freelance arts educator.

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