Osteology is a candid examination that reveals the workings and hairline fractures of every day life. From haemoglobin to the Yorkshire hills, this collection celebrates the magic of reality, revealing how intricately we are linked to the places we inhabit: the lines that separate our bodies from landscape, memory, and each other are nothing more than a shadow on the sand left by the changing tide. Bringing us back again and again to places and moments that demand to be remembered, and that we might call home, Osteology speaks to an ancient pastoral tradition without nostalgia, pretension or illusion.

These are incredibly well-constructed, tight poems which are infused with a tender sense of longing; “this is the brittle language that we speak in” declares one poem, there is a fragility here, but a real strength as well. — Andrew McMillan

These are quick-witted poems that refuse to stay put. Under Lizzi Hawkins’ restless, intelligent gaze, Bradford is ‘a steely husband’, a storm grabs a window and almost shakes it off its hinges. Hawkins constructs a wholly convincing world, from the ‘slow language of granite’ to the shifting, mobile vocabulary of love– Helen Mort

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Lizzi Hawkins was born in West Yorkshire in 1995. Her poems have been published in magazines including, Ambit, The Rialto, The North, The Compass Magazine, and The Cadaverine, and she is a winner of The Ted Hughes Young Poets Award. In 2013 she was commended as a Foyle Young Poet. She currently shares her time between her hometown of Leeds, and the University of Cambridge, where she is studying for a degree in Engineering at Corpus Christi College.