Spring Pamphlet Bundle: Banks | Bransfield | Trevett


The 2021 Spring Pamphlet Bundle includes:

Frank by Chrissy Banks (May 2021)

From Frank who ‘spits words straight from the seam’ to the schoolgirl who ‘has buried so much for so long’, these poems travel the road between the  down-to-earth and outspoken to what’s more reflective, hidden or difficult to voice. In varied contexts, Frank offers examples of the ways in which  we negotiate our inner truth through interaction with others and ourselves.

From a Borrowed Land by Shash Trevett (May 2021)

Marked by trauma, From a Borrowed Land bears witness to the Tamil experience during the Sri Lankan civil war. From the safety of ‘the borrowed land’, these poems remember and grieve both historical and personal loss: loss of lives, of a homeland, of a language, and of a way of life.

Judder Men by Ben Bransfield (April 2021)

The men that judder in and out of view and thought in these clear but aslant poems are real and imagined, monsters and heroes, loved and reviled, fathered and childless, afraid and brave, dead and unborn, sinned against and sinning. The language of Judder Men is compressed, yet oddly lucid, compelling us to find out what lies just beyond the safe places.