From Frank who ‘spits words straight from the seam’ to the schoolgirl who ‘has buried so much for so long’, these poems travel the road between the  down-to-earth and outspoken to what’s more reflective, hidden or difficult to voice. In varied contexts, Frank offers examples of the ways in which  we negotiate our inner truth through interaction with others and ourselves.

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Published May 2021

What Writers and Critics Think

  • It is always a thrill to read Chrissy Banks’ poems. Frank is immediate, straight talking, humane and hard won. I love these poems for their acute attention to both toughness and tenderness – to withholding and to noisy, snotty grief. And I am enthralled by their many reckonings and recognitions which conjure in me an enormous yes of recognition. Yes – sometimes a relationship can be tortured, paralysed, like a rabbit scrabbling with its broken spine; yes - sometimes mud is indeed just mud; yes – sometimes, the girl in us wakes up; and yes -sometimes a gym instructor is a spinning, golden goddess of joy. To this pamphlet I raise a glass and a hearty amen.

    Fiona Benson
  • Replete with voice, wit and tenderness, Chrissy Banks’ poems are entertaining, well-made, and often profound.

    Kathryn Maris


Chrissy Banks was born in the Isle of Man and now lives in Exeter. She previously worked as a psychodynamic counsellor and trainer. Chrissy has been published widely in journals and anthologies and is an experienced performer. Days of Fire and Flood (original plus) from 2005 was her first full collection. Her latest collection, The Uninvited, came out in 2019 from Indigo Dreams.

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