Anyone Left Standing


Anyone Left Standing was the overall winner of the 1997 Book & Pamphlet Competition.

Kath McKay’s poetry plays out the daily tragi-comic dramas of life in a large city. Nothing escapes her: landscapes of canals and parks, headlice and bullying, intermingled with stories of love and death. And the sense of Ireland at the back of it all.


Kath Mckay was born in Liverpool, and has lived in Belfast and Hackney. She now lives in Leeds. Her first novel Waiting for the Morning was published by The Women’s Press in 1991, and she has had numerous stories in magazines and on Radio 4.

“These poems have bags of spread and energy, and they’re edgy, engaging and alive: lots of personality, with all kinds of recognisable bits of the world as we know it. She sounds like the kind of person I could be friends with” – Michael Laskey