Karishma Sangtani

Introducing our Poets-in-Residence for June and July 2023

As a continuation of our ‘Apart Together’ digital project, The Poetry Business has partnered with The Writing Squad to host three joint digital residencies between February and July 2023.

Each pair of poets will be producing digital content for The Poetry Business, including blog posts, audio recordings, writing prompts and more.

Our Digital Poets-in-Residence for June and July are Karishma Sangtani and Kayleigh Jayshree.

Karishma Sangtani

Karishma Sangtani is a poet based in London. Her work appears in magazines such as The North, Ink Sweat and Tears and Modron. She was shortlisted for the 2021 Aurora Prize and the 2022 Creative Future Writers’ Award. Karishma is a member of The Writing Squad and the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 22/23. 

Find out more about Karishma on The Writing Squad website

Kayleigh Jayshree

Kayleigh Jayshree is a writer based in Leeds. Her work is published with Ink, Sweat & Tears, Butcher’s Dog, and The Poetry Society. She often writes about her mixed heritage and bipolar disorder and plays guitar (badly).

Find our more about Kayleigh on The Writing Squad website

About The Writing Squad

The Writing Squad provides workshops, 1:1 support and investment for young writers.

Their free two year programme is for writers aged 16-21 who live, work or study in the North of England, after which they continue to provide support writers as they begin their careers.

They have supported 245 writers since 2001.

For more information – www.writingsquad.com

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