Lenni Sanders

March Digital Poet-In-Residence Lenni Sanders

As part of our new ‘Apart Together’ digital project for 2021, The Poetry Business has partnered up with The Writing Squad to host a digital residency with a Squad poet each month. Each poet will be producing and posting digital content for The Poetry Business, such as blog posts, audio recordings, writing prompts and more.

Lenni Sanders is our Digital Poet-In-Residence for March.

Lenni Sanders is a writer and occasional writing workshop facilitator based in Manchester, whose poetry pamphlet Poacher came out in 2019 with the Emma Press, exploring themes of night time, the body, animals, and contemporary art. Lenni’s poetry has appeared in bath magg, Butcher’s Dog, The Tangerine, Grimoire, The Emma Press Anthology of Love and elsewhere. Last year Lenni contributed a short story for Ross Sutherland’s Imaginary Advice podcast, for his episode Ten Thousand Years (Part Two), which reimagines the film Groundhog Day. Between 2015 and 2018 Lenni was half of Curious Things, working with Harry Jelley on performances and workshops, usually for museums and heritage settings. Personal essays have been published by The Real Story and Entropy. Lenni is currently studying a Masters degree in Creative Advertising Strategy at MMU, specialising in copywriting and marketing for arts organisations. Lenni’s pronouns are she/her or they/them.

Lenni will start the residency with a poetry collaboration with February’s Digital Poet-In-Residence Helen Bowell. She will also be sharing writing prompts, thoughts about recent favourite books, and an experiment into interactive poetry, accompanied by a short interview with Dr Kim Moore, whose Poetry and Everyday Sexism thesis inspired it.

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