Lenni Sanders

Get Inside My Head

I’ve had a really lovely time as Digital Poet In Residence, thank you so much for having me! As my last contribution to the blog, here is a project I’ve been working on to share with you.

Inspired by Kim Moore’s Poetry and Everyday Sexism thesis, I have been looking into interactive forms for poetry, especially digital poetics. I have made this short and simple game using Twine. It’s called ‘Get inside my head’, and you the player navigate through my dreams, making decisions and peeking into my preoccupations and fears.

They’re all real dreams – the only things that I’ve changed are the connections between them, and I have split up some of the things that happen to allow for branching pathways. Click on the words that are in bold to move to a different page – when the background changes colour, this is to signify that you are in a new dream, in a different setting to the last. I hope you enjoy playing my dreams. If anyone wants to make a Twine game of their own, the interface is easy and fun to use, I really recommend it! It’s free.

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