You’ve Been Great


You’ve Been Great was a winner in the 2007 Book & Pamphlet Competition.

‘This is a quiet poetry, strong with the humours and occasional horrors of country life, affectionate but never sentimental, its music grave and necessary as time.’  — Alison Brackenbury

‘Their apparent simplicity arises from well-digested experience and a habit of accurate observation. Not a word is wasted, but there is tenderness and humour here and a very good ear at work.’ — Meg Peacocke

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Padraig O’Morain was born in Ladytown, Co Kildare in Ireland. He grew up on a farm but a dislike of hard work led him into journalism. He now makes his living as a journalist and counsellor and has written a number of books on health-related issues. His poetry has appeared in Irish and English magazines and on the internet. 

He lives in Dublin with his wife and two daughters.