Troublesome Cattle


Troublesome Cattle is the work of Liz Cashdan and Julia Casterton, joint winners of the Poetry Business Competition 1990.

Liz Cashdan

The Mariners Tale is an extended narrative in several voices. A vivid and very readable poem, it brings together such characters as Fletcher Christian, Sarah and S T Coleridge, Sir Humphrey Davey and the Wordsworths. Liz Cashdan’s speculations on the origins of the Ancient Mariner –  unearthed through her own researches – provide new and fascinating insights into this familiar period of literary history. Her work has appeared in anthologies from Littlewood and Bloodaxe. She lives in Sheffield.

Julia Casterton

In Being Born, Julia Casterton considers, among other things, cannibalism and cookery; the Princess and the Equerry; and her ‘parents who have volunteered to be animals at the Summer Fayre’. Her poems are eloquent, funny, perceptive. She is, among other things, development editor for Ambit magazine. Turret Books publish her pamphlet That Slut Cleopatra. She lives in London.

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