The North – 67


The North 67 showcases 136 poems by 78 outstanding poets, including poems by Dean Browne, Jim McElroy, Pascale Petit, Maya C. Popa, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Sarah Wimbush, and River Wolton.

This issue includes two Featured Titles: is Archway Sonnets by Kate Bingham (New Walk Editions) and Take Us the Little Foxes: Collected Poems by Maurice Burrows (Carcanet Press). Other features include: Poets I Go Back To by Ramona Herdman; Blind Criticism by Stuart Pickford and Susan Utting; a Close Reading of Josephine Corcoran by Anthony Wilson; Recent Reading by Jonathan Davidson; and The Collection by Michael Laskey. This issue also features an insightful and moving article written by Ian Pople in memory of Ann Atkinson and in appreciation of her poetry. 

Plus, following on from the previous issue, more excepts from River Wolton’s ‘Year of Kindness’ with original watercolour illustrations by Emma Burleigh. 

The North 67 also includes reviews of dozens of collections including Ian McMillan on Anne Walsh Donnelly, Jiye Lee and Tina Tamsho-Thomas, and Karl Knights on Raymond Antrobus, Stephen Lightbrown, The Emma Press Anthology of Illness and Dominik Parisien.

Published January 2022. Read a Sample.

Cover Painting: Distant Fireworks by Emma Burleigh ( 

What Writers and Critics Think

  • Excellent

    Carol Ann Duffy (the Guardian)
  • Apart from the general excellence of the enterprise, it's always impressive to see how broad your church is, how impeccable you are in your taste and how fair in your judgement. Rare qualities.

    Stephen Stuart-Smith, Director of Enitharmon


The North is a biannual magazine of poems, articles, reviews and features.

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from the Editorial 

“…We try not to publish the same poets in consecutive numbers, though aficionados will recognise some of the same names across issues, especially in among the features and reviews. We depend on the writers who believe in The North and share our values and who can turn in copy that is warm and lively as well as insightful and informative, introducing us to new writers or shining a light on ones that have fallen from view. Which is why alongside the wide-ranging reviews, we have so many features – including a new one on ‘Recent Reading’. Poetry collections stay recent for ages don’t they, bought with enthusiasm but often not quite got round to. That latest out- ing from Alfred Lord Tennyson, for instance, I don’t think I’ve even opened it. Also, we have not one but two ‘Featured Titles’ now in each issue, a pamphlet and a book, that even The North’s clued-up readers might otherwise miss and which we think you will enjoy. In this issue too a particularly (sparing her blushes) illuminating ‘Poets I Go Back To’ by Ramona Herdman – one which will take some readers back to their Larkins re-enthused…”


Patricia Ace • Vasiliki Albedo • Graham Allison • Rebecca Althaus • Ann Atkinson • Sarah Barnsley • Anne Berkeley • Emma Beynon • Kate Bingham • Val Binney • Dean Browne • Ciaran Buckley • Maurice Burrows • Robbie Burton • Liz Byrne • Mary Chuck • Harry Clifton • Jennifer Copley • Jamie Coward • Chris Dickinson • Maura Dooley • Helen Evans • Billy Fenton • Elsa Fischer • John Foggin • Marilyn Francis • Camille Francois • Maggie Freeman • Philip Gross • Doreen Gurrey • Maija Haavisto • Philip Hancock • Lydia Harris • John Harvey • Matt Haw • Ramona Herdman • Almira Holmes • Naomi Jaffa • Gary Jude • Gaynor Kane • Jenny King • Annie Kissack • Arji Manuelpillai • Fokkina McDonnell •  Jim McElroy • Maura McKee • Paul Mills • Sarah Mnatzaganian • Graham Mort • Emma Must • Jan Norton • Pascale Petit • Stuart Pickford • Kathy Pimlott •  Pauline Plummer • Maya C Popa • Terence Quinn • Maggie Reed • Mark Roper • Philip Rush • Kate Rutter • Helen Seymour • Craig Smith • Sue Spiers • Greta Stoddart • Laura Strickland • Tessa Strickland • Alicia Stubbersfield • Anastasia Taylor-Lind • Pam Thompson • Susan Utting • Jeffrey Wainwright • Joe Williams • Anthony Wilson • Sarah Wimbush •  River Wolton     


Ramona Herdman on Poets I Go Back To • The Collection by Michael Laskey • Blind Criticism by Stuart Pickford and Susan Utting • Recent Reading by Jonathan Davidson • Ian Pople on the poetry of Ann Atkinson • Anthony Wilson Close Reading Josephine Corcoran • Featured Title #1 by Maurice Burrows • Featured Title #2 by Kate Bingham 


Helen Bowell on Cynthia Miller and Sean Kai Keung • Steve Whitaker on Hannah Lowe and Steve Ely • Ian McMillan on Anne Walsh Donnelly, Jiye Lee and Tina Tamsho-Thomas • Karl Knights on Raymond Antrobus, Stephen Lightbrown, The Emma Press Anthology of Illness and Dominik Parisien • Charlie Baylis on Jenna Clake, Victoria Kennefick and Wills Burns • Belinda Cooke on Mary Noonan, Carolyn L Tipton and Su Smallen Love 

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