The North – 64: The Writing Together Issue


Published August 2020

The North 64 showcases 101 poems by 53 outstanding poets, including poems by Judy Brown, Gillian Clarke, Meg Cox, Tony Curtis, Hannah Lowe, Meg Peacocke, David Tait, Shash Trevett and Gina Wilson.

This issue’s ‘Featured Title’ is A warm and snouting thing by Ramona Herdman (The Emma Press). Other features include ‘Poets I Go Back To’ by Ben Ray and Callan Waldron-Hall, ‘Blind Criticism’ by Ben Bransfield and Josephine Corcoran, Close Reading of Michael Laskey by Jackie Wills, and ‘We Shall Not Escape Hell’: Resurrecting Dead [Women] Poets by Jasmine Simms & Lizzi Hawkins.

The North 64 also includes reviews of dozens of collections including Deryn-Rees Jones, Mimi Khalvati, Michael Hoffman, Sheenagh Pugh, Carole Bromley, Katharine Towers, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Mary Jean Chan.

Plus Ian McMillan reviews outstanding new pamphlets from HappenStance Press, The Rialto, The Emma Press and Bitter Melon.

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What Writers and Critics Think

  • Excellent

    Carol Ann Duffy (the Guardian)
  • Apart from the general excellence of the enterprise, it's always impressive to see how broad your church is, how impeccable you are in your taste and how fair in your judgement. Rare qualities.

    Stephen Stuart-Smith, Director of Enitharmon


The North is a biannual magazine of poems, articles, reviews and features.

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from the Editorial

“In this ‘Writing Together’ issue of the magazine, many of the poems have not only come in electronically but were actually written on what a friend calls ‘the space telly’. Zoom is a manifestation of the times … Dark and weird as these times are, one of the wonderful positives for us is just how many people we’ve seen round our kitchen table – poets from North America to New Zealand, from all across Europe and from India and Japan.”



David Tait • Tony Curtis • Benedict Newbery • Helena Nelson • Jan Bay-Petersen • Stuart Henson • Meg Cox • John Haynes • Geoffrey Loe • Jim C Wilson • Caroline Maldonado • C P Nield • Howard Wright • Judy Brown • Robin Houghton • Mary Matusz • Marcus Smith • Michael Henry • Joanna Clark • Jennifer Copley • Steven Taylor • Ruth Smith • David Hale • Jenny Hockey • Gina Wilson • Hannah Lowe • Sarah Mnatzaganian • Robin Thomas • Maggie Freeman • Angela Marin • Nairn Kennedy • Vincent Parker • Jane Ayres • Hugh McMillan • Gillian Clarke • Meg Peacocke • Chris Boyland • Rachel Davies • Shash Trevett • Jennifer Compton • Helen Grant • Marie Naughton • Grace Atkinson • Lindsey Shaw-Miller • Jean Stevens • Michael Laskey • David Wilson • Jenny King • Ella Duffy • Lucille Clifton • Nadia Anjuman • Ramona Herdman • Jonathan Davidson



Jackie Wills

Close Reading Michael Laskey

Ben Ray and Callan Waldron-Hall

on Poets I Go Back To

Featured Title

by Ramona Herdman

Blind Criticism

by Josephine Corcoran and Ben Bransfield



Ian Pople on Vona Groarke, Evan Jones, John McAuliffe

Ben Ray on Michael Hofmann, Sheenagh Pugh, Laurent Gaudé

Kate Noakes on Carole Bromley, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Deryn Rees-Jones

Charlie Baylis on Crispin Best

Ian McMillan on Katharine Towers, Martha Kapos, Anita Pati, Sascha Aurora Akhtar, Jay G Ying, Jennifer Wong

Martin Stannard on Stanley Middleton

Elizabeth Ridout on Heather Phillipson, Jen Campbell, Julian Turner

Jane Routh on Rob Hindle, Fokkina McDonnell, Tom Sastry

John Killick on Myra Schneider, Marion McCready, Stewart Sanderson

Philip Rush on Sean Borodale, Peter Riley, Beverley Bie Brahic

Edmund Prestwich on Katrina Porteous, Mimi Khalvati, Mary Jean Chan, Hugo Williams

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