The North – 56


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With poems by…

Emily Wills, Tony D’Arpino, Heidi Williamson, Mike Di Placido, Tista Austin, Jenny Hockey, Mark Roper, Jane Routh, Mary Gurr, Nick Toczek, Tess Jolly, Peter Burrows Sandra Lyn Gordon, Josephine Corcoran, Zoe Walkington, Howard Wright, David Tait, Denise Bennett, Paul Stephenson,  Anthony Wilson, Annette Volfing, D A Prince, Genevieve Carver,  Jean Harrison, Gary Allen, Sonia Jarema, Rob Mackenzie,  Elaine Baker, Josh Ekroy, Sarah Mnatzaganian, Janet Fisher, Stephanie Conn,  John Eppel, John Foggin, Mary King, Charlotte Wetton, Ann Pilling, Andrew Lambeth, John Ormond, Mary Chuck, Maria Taylor,  Gillian Wigmore, Keith Hutson, Julie Mellor, Pam Thompson, Helen Pizzey, Mara Bergman, Marjorie Sweetko, Julie Collar, Pru Kitching, Philip Rush, Joe Caldwell, Jean Stevens, Maggie How, Moira Garland, Marie Knight-Papier, Maria Stasiak, Nigel Pantling, Cliff Yates, Stuart Pickford, David Wilson, Christy Ducker, Theophilus Kwek, Imogen Cassels, Jenny Danes, Phoebe Stuckes, Jasmine Simms, Helen Mort, Carola Luther.

And our regular features: Blind Criticism by Angelina D’Roza, Pam Thompson and David Underdown, Poets I Go Back To  with our New Poets’ Prize Winners and Cliff Yates explores the poetry of Ian McMillan in The Collection.

Peter Carpenter pays homage to David Bowie and Rebecca Watts presents A Close Reading of Carola Luther. We celebrate Thirty years of the Poetry Business and pay tribute to the life of Janet Fisher.

Featuring Reviews by Jonathan Davidson, Peter Carpenter, Lydia Macpherson, D A Prince, Neil Roberts, Gina Wilson, Suzannah Evans, Ed Reiss, Noel Williams and Andrew Sanderson.