The North – 42


“How content shall I be in The North to which I sail.” — Wallace Stevens, ‘Farewell to Florida’

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Poems by:  Janet Fisher, Ian McMillan, Rosie Blagg, Julia Deakin, Yvonne Green, Padraig O’Morain, Ann Pilling, River Wolton, Michael Laskey, Allison McVety, Aidan Fadden, Nina Boyd, Connie Bensley, Howard Wright, Jane Anderson, John Daniel, Joe Fearn, Julia Fairlie, Kath Mckay, Linda Chase, Mara Bergman, Michael Henry, Jennifer Copley, Paul Merchant, Philip Rush, Robert Hershon, John Sugden, Sally Goldsmith, Andrew McMillan, Simon Armitage, Gill Andrews, Mazen Makkouk, Carol Ann Duffy, Harry Guest, Matthew Howard, Anne Caldwell, M A Schaffner, Michael Cunningham, Ralph Hawkins, Connie Bensley, and Elaine Feinstein.


The Collection

Alison Brackenbury on Philip Larkin

Catherine Fisher on George Mackay Brown

Anthony Wilson, ‘Seven Ways of Reading Gillian Allnutt’

Mark Roper, ‘Halcyon’

John Lucas on Philip Callow

Poets I Go Back To:  Beverley Bie Brahic

Bookshelf:  Connie Bensley

Blind Criticism: Ann Atkinson and Ian Gregson on ‘Peacock’, Sujata Bhatt

Lauren Claire Mulvee interviews Elaine Feinstein



Ian McMillan on ‘The Reality Street Book of Sonnets’

Jane Routh on Julia O’Callaghan and Menna Elfyn

Paul Batchelor on Sasha Dugdale and Elizabeth Whyman

Ian Pople on Lorna Thorpe and Paul Stubbs

Andy Sanderson on Peter Finch, Graham Mort and Michael Haslam

Belinda Cooke on Peter Carpenter and Elizabeth Cook

John Killick on ‘Images of Women’ and ‘My Mother Threw Knives’

Geoff Hattersley on Matthew Sweeney

Neil Roberts on Eleanor Rees

Susan Utting on Maggie Sawkins and Samantha Wynne Rhydderch

Kate North on John Freeman and Nigel McLoughlin