The North – 34


“The North will at least preserve your flesh for you” — Louis-Ferdinand Celine, ‘Journey to the End of Night’

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Poems by:  Moniza Alvi, Jane Routh, Gary Allen, Chris Considine, Carole Bromley, John Arnold, Susan Wicks, John Daniel, Rosemary Norman, Jean Harrison, Mark Waldron, Sinéad Wilson, Eva Salzman, Sean O’Brien, C Berrier, Matthew Sweeney, John Whale, E A Markham, Colette Bryce, Mike Barlow, Tim Dooley, Stephen Duncan, Sam Gardiner, Kathryn Simmonds, Michael Laskey, George Oppen, Robert Hershon, Joanna Coutts, and Freda Downie.


Gerard Benson, ‘Radar and Bombs and Half-Rhymes’

Poets I Go Back To:  Rupert Loydell and John Whale

Blind Criticism:  Tim Scott, Pauline Plummer, and Anthony Wilson.

Book & Pamphlet Competition Results

John Killick, ‘A Brief Guide to Ann Stevenson’

The Collection: Anna Adams and William Oxley

Steven Waling, ‘Frank O’Hara: Lunch Poems’

Three Takes on Oppen:  Andy Sanderson, Jonathan Timbers, and Martin Stannard.



Susan Burns on Freda Downie

John Killick on One Hundred Contemporary Women Poets

Kate Keogan on Paul Henry, Lynne Wycherley and Anna Grimes

Sally Baker on Terry Gifford, Chrissie Gittins, Michael Henry and Ciaran Carson

Steven Waling on Frank Redpath, Helena Nelson, Andrew Waterhouse, Emily Wills and Josephine Dickinson

Wendy Davies on Rosaleen Croghan

Cliff Yates on Ralph Hawkins