Teach Yourself Mapmaking


Maps and charts are a recurrent motif in Jane Routh’s new collection with its implicit journey from unknown waters to the intimate landscape of home. Haunted by their own histories, islands, fells and fens shape the way they are lived in by ancestors (both real and adopted), boatbuilders, farmers, fruit growers and the odd saint. Characteristically musical, fresh and vivid, Jane Routh’s poems are themselves a different kind of mapmaking – a deeper way of making sense of the world we’re passing through.

Routh comes at ideas through the natural world, making it fresh through new images… It’s through landscape that she finds a way into the history she writes about so movingly but unsentimentally… This is the assured, original voice of a poet who can give her poems a charge of energy by taking risks with language Elizabeth Burns

Her poems build people into landscapes and difficult emotions into people Slab

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Teaching Yourself Mapmaking was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

Jane Routh manages woodlands and a flock of geese in North Lancashire and is a professional photographer. This is Jane Routh’s second collection. Circumnavigation (Smith/Doorstop, 2002) won the Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition, and was shortlisted for the Forward First Collection Prize. It was also selected for the Random Acts of Poetry project, where books were donated at random to unsuspecting members of the public.