Interland: Six Steps Underwater


A collaborative Anthology by three Yorkshire and three Finnish poets on a joint writing and performance venture.

Contemporary life, story and myth (in particular, the Kalevala) are intermingled in this triple translation. Images of water, the element which represents emotion, permeate the writing and the book explores deep themes: grief, estrangement, longing.

Three years ago, Steve Dearden, Kath McKay and Adam Strickson from Yorkshire, and Ralf Andtbacka, Carita Nyström and Marko Hautala from Ostrobothnia, Finland, set out on a writing and performance venture which they named Interland.

This collaborative project has evolved into the current anthology of poems, prose and photographs. The pieces are in English, and are translated by the writers themselves into Finnish or Swedish.

‘Our pieces were influenced by each other’s writing, our meetings together and our experience of each other’s countries.’

‘The water which separates and joins us was our inspiration.

’Our words swim across cities, dive into modern mythical underworlds, submerge in grief and longing, and fly underwater.’