A Hundred of Happiness and Other Poems


“The domestic and the spiritual, the political and the fantastic cohabit in Stannard’s world, held together by the contradictions and ambivalences in his approach. It’s the tension between those contradictions that make his work so exciting, but his real triumph is in fashioning these struggles and contradictions into such serious entertainment.” – Mark Robinson, Scratch


Martin Stannard was born in 1952, and has been publishing and performing his poetry since 1977. He was the founding editor and publisher of Joe Soap’s Canoe poetry magazine (1978-1993). He has worked extensively in community arts and in community and adult education, and regularly teaches writers’ workshops. He has also held a number of writing residencies, including work with mosaic artist Arik Halfon on a village trail in Bassingham, Lincolnshire. His reviews of poetry feature regularly in a number of magazines. He lives in Newstead, near Nottingham.