Abbie Neale

Abbie Neale is a writer, actor and painter, with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Warwick University. Her poetry has appeared in The North, Abridged, Crannóg, Bath Magg, Re-Side, Cobalt, Playground Poems, Strix Magazine and Whirlagust, an anthology by Yaffle Press, and in 2019 she won the international prize in the York Mix Poetry Competition.

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Abbie Neale (from Threadbare)

Pinned to the wall is a person, drawn by a child.

She has a woman’s body with soft crayon edges.

In the picture, the sun is an oval, as if someone

has thrown a Mirabelle plum into the air

and it is about to hit her. Whoever’s room this is

must be out of the house, and does not know

I am here. He told me we’d be making pancakes

and I believed him. He talked of his parents,

I thought I would meet them. But the bedrooms

are empty and he shows me them one by one.

There isn’t time to take off my glasses. I can see

the textured ceiling, like painted popcorn kernels,

and the particles of dust – tiny fibres, carpet lint,

our hair and skin floating like petals and burnt

meteorites. And I can see the end of my nose.

I wonder what would happen if I breathed

in all of it: soil and plant pollen, lead, arsenic.

I imagine it churning in my brain and stomach.

It’s on the train home that I see the blood. I smile

because that means it worked. Like packaged eggs,

cream-coloured, deep brown, pink and speckled,

we’ve learnt that we are better broken. It will hurt

for a few days he said, and in the toilet I clean

beneath my legs, delighted to have been chosen.

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