The North – 46: 25 Years in The North


“…the North was uncanny, awe-inspiring in an almost religious way” — from the Clarendon lecture ‘Concerning Franklin and His Gallant Crew’ given by Margaret Atwood at Oxford University in April 1991

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25th anniversary edition featuring 75 poems by 40 poets plus articles and reviews.

Poets include Simon Armitage, John Arnold, R.V. Bailey, Mike Barlow, Eavan Boland, John Bosley, Nina Boyd, Caroline Clark, June Crebbin, Simon Currie, Owen Davis, Nell Farrell, Keiron Farrow, Catherine Fisher, Anne-Marie Fyfe, Sally Goldsmith, Jeanette Hattersley, Abdulkareem Kasid, Helen Kitson, Jane Kitson, Rosie Miles,Graham Mort, Fay Musselwhite, Beverley Nadin, Sharon Olds, Ruth Padel, Irene Rawnsley, Mark Roper, Jane Routh, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom, Joan Jobe Smith, Jean Sprackland, Greta Stoddart, Charles Tomlinson,Brian Turner, John Whale, Anthony Wilson, River Wolton, Anna Woodford, and Luke Yates.