The North – 39


When we woke we travelled towards The North” — George Sefaris

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Poems by:  Anna Adams, Gill Andrews, John Arnold, Alan Brownjohn, James Roderick Burns, Phillip Crymble, Julia Deakin, Chris Hardy, Rob Hindle, Peter Hughes, Chrissie Lees, Frances Nagle, Michael di Placido, Padraig Rooney, Mark Roper, Jane Routh, Howard Sargeant, Michael Schmidt, Knute Skinner, Elspeth Smith, Martin Stannard, Joyce Thornton, Judith Trustman, Joan Jobe Voss, and Susan Wicks.


Steven Waling’s Bookshelf

Mary Woodward, ‘The Collection’

Poets I Go Back To:  Liz Cashdan,  Chris Considine,  Alan Brownjohn, and Anthony Wilson.

Blind Criticism: Janet Fisher and Peter Sansom, ‘The Drunk in the Furnace’ by W S Merwin

Paul Mills, ‘Jeremy Hooker’

Gerard Benson, ‘Lilac Time’

Jane Routh, ‘Further North’



Neil Roberts on Penelope Shuttle

Steven Waling on Gael Turnbull and Tony Conor

Ian Pople on William Park and Ian Parks

Paul Batchelor on S J Litherland, Peter Bennett and Angela Readman

Michael di Placido on David Scott, Sally Reid and Jonathan Asser