The North – 35


“The electric talent which prevails in The North”

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Poems by:  David Harsent, Paul Farley, Elspeth Smith, John Sugden, Selwyn Pritchard, Connie Bensley, Ashok  Bery, Gillian Carpenter, Greta Nintzel, Sally Festing, Michael Cunningham, Mike di Placido, Fay Hart, Glyn Hughes, Dean Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Steven Waling, Mara Bergman, Ralph Hawkins, Terence Dooley, Deborah Thomas, Michael Cullup, Carole Bromley, Mark Halliday, Michael Laskey, Irene Rawnsley, Michael Schmidt, and Paul Violi.


Poets I Go Back To:  Graham Mort and Kathryn Simmonds.

Blind Criticism: Carole Bromley and John Siddique, ‘For Realism’ by Roy Fisher

‘Laskey at 60: Some appreciations’:  Naomi Jaffa, Craig Raine, Dean Parkin, Susan Burns, and Mark Halliday.

Anthony Wilson, ‘The Sniff of the Real: Thom Gunn’

John Killick, ’Ozmosis: Extracts from an Australian Journal’

The Collection:  Harry Guest and Norman Howlings.

Martin Stannard, ‘A Conversation with Paul Violi’

John Stammers and Paul Farley: a conversation



Neil Curry on Ivor Gurney

Andrew Stibbs on Anna Adams, R V Bailey, Martyn Crucefix and Neil Powell

Steven Waling on Harry Guest and Lee Harwood

Susan Burns on Mourid Barghouti, Dean Parkin, Naomi Jaffa and Roy Blackman

Leslie Jeffries on Mary Michaels and Sarah Wardle

Tim Moss on Herbert Lomas

Martyn Crucefix on Mario Petrucci