The North – 32


“The North is what it was cracked up to be” — ‘Cathures’, Edwin Morgan

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Poems by:  R V Bailey, Jean Harrison, U A Fanthorpe, Tim Dooley, Arthur Haswell, Helen Clare, Peter Carpenter, Jim Carruth, Peter Robinson, Susan Burns, John Killick, Roy Blackman, Steven Waling, Kate Bass, Andrew Wilson, Anna Adams, Gerard Benson, John Siddique, Howard Wright, Peter Bennet, Chris Jones, Tim Liardet, Hubert Moore, and Daljit Nagra.


Michael Laskey, ‘Roy Blackman: An Appreciation’

Gerard Benson, ‘The Very Early Years’

Anna Adams, ‘A Brief Guide to Ruth Pitter’

Poets I Go Back To:  Philip Gross and John Lucas

Blind Criticism: Hubert Moore and Tim Liardet on ‘Dirge Without Music’ Edna St Vincent Millay



Andrew Stibbs on Edwin Morgan and Phillip Callow

Andy Sanderson on Peter Riley

Ralph Hawkin on Lisa Robertson, Geraldine Monk, Kelvin Corcoran and Alan Halsey

Neil Curry on Julian Turner, Colin Rowbotham, Carol Rumens and Ruth Fainlight

Jenny Swann on Elaine Feinstein

Kath McKay on David Harsent, Sujata Batt and George Szirtes

Steven Waling on George MacBeth

John Killick on R S Thomas, Matt Simpson and Mark Doty

Susan Burns on Maura Dooley

Paul Munden on Neil Rollinson, Anthony Wilson and Josephine Dickinson