The North – 25


“Now you are travelling/back to the North you love” — Andrew Motion, ‘Anywhere But Here’

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Poems by:  Christine McNeill, Candy Neubert, Matthew Hollis, Ian McMillan, Pete Haythorne, Moniza Alvi, Connie Bensley, Catherine Fisher, Phil Simmons, David Harmer, Bernadette Higgins, Mike Barlow, Glyn Hughes, Paul Mills, Joan Jobe Smith, David Craig, Mark Weston, Steven Hastings, Graham Mort, Philip Gross, M D Green, John Hilton, Charles Bennett, Mark Robinson, Alissa Leigh, Kate Bass, Peter Luczinski, Linda Chase, Keith Jafrate, and Tomas Tranströmer


Poets I Go Back To:  Diana Hendry and Connie Bensley

Blind Criticism: Gerard Benson, Paul Henry and Milner Place on ‘Autumn’, John Clare



Mark Roper on Aidan Matthews and Michael Longley

James Keery on Robert Wells

Ian Gregson on Geoff Hattersley

David Harmer on John Gallas, Michael Blackburn and Jackie Hardy

Stephen Wade on Roger McGough

Leslie Jeffries on Amanda Dalton and Candy Neubert

Andrew Wilson on Glyn Maxwell, Robert Crawford and Paul Henry