Imagine north, then a further north, the fragmentation of lakes and archipelagos between memory and mythology, old Russia and new Europe, the certainty of landscape and the intricacy of machines, where light, dark and weather are the absolutes we navigate ourselves between.

Certainly there is enough of lasting value here to divert, to absorb, and to entertain, in almost equal parts. The identification of one unifying conceit is unsurprising in a land of endless lakes and forests. An overwhelming, possibly prismatic, sense of ‘outside’ suggests that Andtbacka, Hautala and Nyström interiorise landscape as infants ingest milk… From The Yorkshire Times – Read on here.

Some of the collection’s most striking images are directed by, or towards, the sun’s strange shadows, the chiaroscuro of light through trees, and the multivalence of water, as though the phenomena gave definition to the observer as much as to the uniqueness of the place observed.