‘Homing’ was a winner in the 2015/16 Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Competition, Judged by Billy Collins, who said :

‘Here is a collection controlled deftly by the poet as savvy ornithologist. Precisely focused observations bring these birds alive, notably when a flock of godwits suddenly fills a page. A bonus is the best poem about a hen you can hope ever to encounter.’

Mary King was brought up in Tower Hill and was a Science teacher there and in Hackney. With no time for what had been her favourite subject at school she took her students to the theatre and on school trips to Italy. She is married with children and grandchildren. Mary joined a writing class when paid work finished and this spurred her on to begin to learn the craft and to write more regularly.  She now lives in Staffordshire and is working with Keele Poets at Silverdale.

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