A Square of Sunlight


Fearless and unsentimental, A Square of Sunlight encapsulates a whole life-time of loving life. Sometimes serious but always fun, these poems are gleeful in the face of heartbreak and ground world events (such as the assassination of JF Kennedy) in the business of being human. A Square of Sunlight has a wise understanding about how people work that can only be gained from living a rich life to the full with honesty and joy.

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Published July 2021.

What Writers and Critics Think

  • Forthright and entertaining, affectionate, affecting and life-affirming, A Square of Sunlight is very good company.

    Michael Laskey
  • Full to the brim with life and bursting with dogs, cats, unreliable men and cars too small to have sex in, these poems are wonderfully irreverent, effortlessly wise and deliciously wicked.

    Kim Moore
  • Meg Cox's warm, wry and witty poems take us to the heart of what it is to love and what it is to lose. These are songs of experience, if not necessarily of innocence ...

    Nigel Pantling


Although this collection often looks back it is never sentimental or clouded by a false rosy glow. Cox is fundamentally honest and pragmatic; we feel her wisdom in accepting what has been, in fact, of acknowledging her role in how things played out. The poet never seeks sympathy but invites us to laugh, consider, weigh up and move on. Whatever else there is in a life lived fast and furious, we may all be grateful for “a square of sunlight” and “the juice of a glut of ripe strawberries”. – Pat Edwards, London Grip (read full London Grip review here)

I​t’s impossible to read the collection without being infected with an urge to make the most of life​.​Meg Cox’s poetry is a joy. Whether savoured in sips or gulped down in one, A Square of Sunlight is an excellent read. – Matthew Stewart, Rogue Strands (read full Rogue Strands review here)

Meg Cox is a compassionate and entertaining guide, vivid and various, unsentimental and at times, mordantly witty, choosing precise and clear diction to express complex thoughts and feelings.Pam Thompson, Under the Radar (read full Under the Radar #28 review here)


Meg Cox did not write poetry until she completed a degree with the Open University in her sixties. Thank you Harold Wilson. Since then she has assiduously attended workshops with the Arvon Foundation, Poetry Business and Kim Moore, where she learnt, made friends and loved every minute. She lives in a small hamlet in the North of Herefordshire with a dog or two for company and a beautiful view, and thanks to writing poetry and the many friends she has made that’s fine.

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