Voices From a Silk-Cotton Tree


John Lyons has just been named as Arts Achiever of the year in the prestigious WINDRUSH 2003 ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. The awards, which were at London’s Intercontinental Hotel on Saturday 21 June, recognise the wealth of talent among the African, Caribbean, Asian & Oriental communities.

In this new collection, his third, John Lyons mines more deeply the rich vein of childhood memories and experiences of Trinidad and Tobago, where he grew up.

The silk-cotton tree has featured in many a jumbie (ghost) story. It is a place of haunting energies, secret lives and experiences of people who have died, a powerhouse of personal histories whispered on the wind.

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“A scintillating collection of poetry, sometimes pulsating with the carnival rhythms of Trinidad, sometimes quietly reflective. In hauntingly beautiful language, John Lyons recounts snippets of Carribean life through poems which dance in the memory long after the book in closed” – Valerie Bloom

“Most of these poems are made from the tough materials and the tough language of folklore and custom. Say them aloud and improve your English as well as your Trinidadian” – Roy Fisher