The North – 33


“The North is full of tangled things and texts” — G K Chesterton

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Poems by:  Linda Chase, Diana Syder, Maura Dooley, Amanda Dalton, Cliff Yates, Mimi Khalvati, Robert Etty, John Gilham, Geoff Hattersley, Peter Knaggs, John Kinsella, Mark Murphy, Ralph Hawkins, Jeremy Over, James Manlow, Cherry Smyth, Frances Nagle, Andrew Wilson, Catherine Smith, Irene Rawnsley, Catherine Fisher, Matthew Barrow, Graham Mort, Kathryn Simmonds, Martin Stannard, Naomi Jaffa, Hubert Moore, Ian McMillan, Michael Laskey, Joan Jobe Smith, Sally Baker, Anna Adams, and Andrew Motion.


The Collection: John Killick, Cherry Smyth and Tim Moss

John Lucas, ‘Starting to Explain’

Poets I Go Back To:  R V Bailey, U A Fanthorpe, Vic Allen, and Martin Stannard.

Four Takes on Raworth:  Ralph Hawkins, Martin Stannard, Cliff Yates, and Andy Sanderson.

Blind Criticism:  Graham Mort, Liz Almond, and Frances Nagle.

Keith Jafrate, ‘Ken Smith: An Appreciation’



Andrew Stibbs on Julia Darling, Chris Considine and John Monague

John Killick on Rhian Gallagher, G F Dutton, Neil Curry and Hillary Llewellyn-Williams

Martin Stannard on Milner Place, Tim Cumming and Geoff Hattersley

Steven Waling on Liz Almond, Rupert Loydell, Anthony Howell and Jean Sprackland

Jane Routh on Ian Duhig, Tim Liardet, Gwyneth Lewis and M R Peacocke