Have a nice weekend I think you’re interesting


Have a nice weekend I think you’re interesting is a collection of poetry about hometowns and distance. It considers relationships, anxieties and sincerity, and is obsessed with hypothetical mothers in law, knitwear and being liked on the internet.

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Published June 2021

What Writers and Critics Think

  • Holt draws the reader’s fascination and engagement from such unexpected quarters through the most judicious deployment of detail: eye-lash curlers, dual carriageways, real-life encounters with Coronation Street actors. The juxtapositions are superior and considered and I was captivated by the shrewd, clever voice throughout.

    Luke Kennard
  • A hyper-performative and furious take on ‘girly’ desire fuel these poems. The all-encompassing states of heartbreak and longing posits the submissive as powerful; the character most wrecked through love is shown as closest to the world through their rawness of feeling. And this world is a curious archive: rough hands, unfulfilled positions of mother-in-law, leopard prints and COS women. The delicate and complex strings of the narratives of these poems pinball through charity shops and Coronation Street and Timperley. These are wretched little lyrics for the heartbroken, and I loved them.

    Rachael Allen
  • Holt’s poems hover in the sweet spot between warmth and irony. Sharp, surprising and very funny - they keep you at arms length, but tenderly. Like your best friend giving you tough love. Poems you’ll want to read and reread.

    Ella Frears


I want to roll up and down these poems, and revel in their bleak and lovely castings of womanhood, and all the scenes we get confronted by it, in shops, in dreams, in make-up goo. The imagery has a Baudelairan palette of the supernatural feminine but with kitchen sink reveals that made me cheer every time. It’s remarkable the way Holt’s lines flag and memento mori the ludicrousness of a day, in a whole life, in small towns, in this world, and the way the zones between crafted couplets hold fleeting and felt truths still. This small sequence is a great hyphenated movement of humour and Elizabeth Bishop-like accuracy. – Holly Pester

This poet has to no reason to be jealous of birds for their direction or natural instincts – she possesses both in the careful, measured craft of her poems, which say so much about herself, the world, and indeed, our place within it all. – Vic Pickup, Everybody’s Reviewing [read Vic Pickup’s full review here]

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June 2021