Andrew McMillan

The North 68 — Guest Edited by Andrew McMillan & Stephanie Sy-Quia

We’re delighted to announce that Issue 68 of the North (Summer 2022) will be guest-edited by Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quia. Andrew and Stephanie will be overseeing the contents of the issue – selecting poems, directing reviews and commissioning features.

Andrew McMillan’s three collections are: physical (Guardian First Book Award, Somerset Maugham Award), playtime (Polari Prize) and most recently pandemonium, all published by Jonathan Cape. in 2019, physical was voted one of the top 25 poetry books of the past 25 years by the Bookseller’s Association. He is senior lecturer in Creative Writing in the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Stephanie Sy-Quia is a writer, critic and printmaker currently based in the South of France. Her debut Amnion is published by Granta Poetry and was a PBS Winter Recommendation. She is a Ledbury Critic. 

Andrew says:

“The North was the first poetry magazine to ever publish me; one of the poems, called ’Subsidence’  was one that ended up in my first pamphlet, it was about the Barnsley accent and the history of it (as I saw it as a young 19 year old!). The North seems to me to have always been a magazine that celebrates the best poetry and in doing so shines a light on poems which maybe have an accent, poems which shine a light on the overlooked corners of a room, or a county, or a nation, poems that place Wombwell on an equal poetic footing with Windermere; I’m really excited to dive into the post bag and see what’s there!”

Stephanie says:

“I’m looking for poems that are like the midnight snack you didn’t know you wanted.”