Writing Together: Digital Poetry Project

Welcome to ‘Writing Together’ – The Poetry Business’ digital writer development programme, featuring virtual workshops, Digital Poets-in-Residence, audio & blog content, eBooks and writing exercises.

In this difficult time, we are offering writing resources online to make up for missed Writing Days and other PB events so that we can ensure our poetry community stays connected and that we keep writing.

We will be adding to our digital writer development programme over the coming weeks, and are delighted to launch ‘Writing Together’ with our virtual poetry workshops – now available to book.

Virtual Poetry Workshops

Our programme of virtual poetry workshops are a digital alternative to our popular Writing Days, and feature brilliant writing exercises, supportive feedback, and excellent company.

Throughout May we are offering four virtual writing workshops each week with guest-tutors Michael Laskey, Jackie Wills, River Wolton and Cliff Yates. There will be two 90 minute daytime workshops on Mondays & Wednesdays; two 90 minute evening workshop on Tuesdays & Thursdays; and a 3.5 hour workshop at 9.30am every other Saturday.

All sessions are limited to groups of 16 with two additional bursary spaces per workshop reserved for those currently experiencing financial hardship or who might experience other barriers to participation.

If you are facing particular financial hardship and would like to participate, please contact us directly by emailing office@poetrybusiness.co.uk

The great sense of warmth and fellow feeling is still with me today, a really bright spot amongst the isolation.

Doreen Gurrey on our pilot ‘Writing Together’ virtual workshop

These workshops will be conducted via Zoom – a web-conferencing desktop programme. The technology is straightforward and user friendly, and a member of the PB team will be available on the phone before and during the workshops to offer advice and support to getting connected.

Please note that you will need to have access to a computer which has a microphone, speakers and a webcam in order to participate in the workshops.

Virtual Workshops: Times & Dates

We are currently experiencing very high demand for our workshop spaces. At present please refrain from booking multiple dates per round. Thank you for your understanding.

We are budgeting to help writers who are currently in financial difficulty. If you are able to, please consider buying a ‘gift place’ for someone who is unable to participate due to financial hardship. These can be purchased by clicking on ‘Workshop & Gift Ticket Bundle’ on Eventbrite, or you can make a donation of any amount by clicking ‘Donate’.

If you are facing particular financial hardship and would like to participate, please contact us directly by emailing office@poetrybusiness.co.uk

Weekdays | 90mins

Round One

  • Wednesday 25th March – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Thursday 26th March – 6pm–7.30pm
  • Friday 27th March – 11am–12.30pm
  • Monday 30th March – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Tuesday 31st March – 6pm–7.30pm [FULL]
  • Wednesday 1st April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Thursday 2nd April – 6pm–7.30pm [FULL]
  • Friday 3rd April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]

Round Two

  • Monday 6th April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Tuesday 7th April – 6pm–7.30pm [FULL]
  • Wednesday 8th April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Thursday 9th April – 6pm–7.30pm [FULL]
  • Monday 13th April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Wednesday 15th April – 11am–12.30pm [FULL]
  • Thursday 16th April – 6pm–7.30pm [FULL]

Round Three

  • Monday 20th April – 11am–12.40pm
  • Wednesday 22nd April – 11am–12.40pm [FULL]
  • Thursday 23rd April – 6pm–7.40pm
  • Monday 27th April – 11am–12.40pm [FULL]
  • Wednesday 29th April – 11am–12.40pm
  • Thursday 30th April – 6pm–7.40pm [FULL]

Round Four

  • Monday 11th May – 11am–12.30pm – workshop with Michael Laskey
  • Tuesday 12th May – 6pm – 7:30pm – workshop with Jackie Wills
  • Wednesday 13th May – 11am-12:30pm – workshop with Cliff Yates
  • Thursday 14th May – 6pm-7:30pm – workshop with River Wolton
  • Monday 18th May – 11am–12.30pm – workshop with Michael Laskey
  • Tuesday 19th May – 6pm – 7:30pm – workshop with Jackie Wills
  • Wednesday 20th May – 11am-12:30pm – workshop with Cliff Yates
  • Thursday 21st May – 6pm-7:30pm – workshop with River Wolton
  • Monday 25th May – 11am–12.30pm – workshop with Michael Laskey
  • Tuesday 26th May – 6pm – 7:30pm – workshop with Jackie Wills
  • Wednesday 27th May – 11am-12:30pm – workshop with Cliff Yates
  • Thursday 28th May – 6pm-7:30pm – workshop with River Wolton

Saturdays | 3.5 Hours

Round One

  • Saturday 28th March – 10am–1pm [FULL]

Round Two

  • Saturday 11th April – 9.30am–1pm [FULL]
  • Saturday 18th April – 9.30am-1pm [FULL]

Round Three

  • Saturday 2nd May April – 9.30am-1pm [FULL]

Round Four

Saturday 16th May – 9.30am-1pm – workshop with Michael Laskey & Jackie Wills [FULL]

Saturday 30th May – 9.30am-1pm – workshop with River Wolton & Cliff Yates [FULL]

Keep checking in for more dates!

How To Use Zoom for Virtual Workshops

At least two hours prior to the workshop we will send an invitation to the email address used to book your ticket. Someone from The Poetry Business team will be on hand prior to each workshop to offer additional help over the phone in getting connected.

It will be very useful if you can download Zoom before the workshop: we have put together a simple ‘How To’ document to help you download Zoom, join a meeting, and navigate around the meeting features (such as adjusting video and audio, uploading files, and sharing screens). You can download ‘How To Zoom’ here:

Please note, as a participant you do not have to create a login for Zoom, or pay for membership: The Poetry Business will host all meetings and has a paid subscription that covers all Poetry Business meeting participants.

The writing workshop on Zoom this morning was brilliant! Despite not being familiar with the platform, seeing everyone’s faces was so cheering and I’d love to take part again.

Sarah Mnatzaganian on our Pilot ‘Writing Together’ virtual workshop

Here are some more helpful links:

Virtual Workshop Etiquette


  • Turn your microphone to ‘mute’ (bottom left-hand corner) during writing exercises.
  • Turn notifications to silent for any phones, laptops or tablets in the vicinity, including the computer you are Zooming from.
  • The audio only picks up one feed at a time: therefore try not to speak over someone else.
  • If you join a meeting slightly late due to technical issues you are still welcome, but be aware that a writing session might be in progress and mute your microphone (in the bottom left corner of your Zoom screen).
  • Note that we will release virtual workshop dates in two-week rounds: due to high demand at present please only book one date per round.
  • If you are experiencing connection difficulties during the meeting, mute your microphone and don’t hesitate to ring either Katie or Ellen by phone for help getting connected again. If you drop out of the meeting for any reason you are welcome to re-join – just use the same ‘Meeting ID’ code you were emailed before the workshop.
  • Refunds can be offered up to 3 days before a workshop begins.
  • As these workshops are at present the main source of income for The Poetry Business we would ask you to please not duplicate or otherwise share any writing exercises or workshop content online. Thank you.

We will continue to update this page with more information over the coming weeks. Keep checking back in for more about Writing Together and our online writer development resources.