David TaitNanjing, China

Digital Poet in Residence Profile

David Tait

David Tait is the author of four Smith|Doorstop collections: Love’s Loose Ends; Three Dragon Day; Self Portrait with The Happiness and The AQI.

Favourite statement about poetry: The best literature, I feel, is a kind of written-down talk. Not talk as it may come out between the teeth, but a sort of imagined talk – Simon Armitage

Favourite poetry collections:

Karen Solie — The Living Option (Selected)
Elizabeth Bishop — Collected 
Kim Addonizio — Selected
Geoff Hattersley — Don’t Worry
Charles Simic — Selected
Jack Gilbert — Collected 

Over the course of his residency, David will be writing blog posts, interviews with some of his favourite poets, a selection of writing exercises and prompts, and an audio recording of him reading a selection of his poems.

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